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Thank you for taking the time to consider adding Team Trivia and/or Full House Hold 'Em as part of your promotions and marketing strategy. The management and sales team of The Answer Is Productions, Inc. and its affiliated companies have extensive hands-on experience in the hospitality industry and understand your need for successful, dependable, and cost effective promotions.

Our mission is simple:

  • To draw quality customers during otherwise slower times of the week.
  • To sell your food and drinks to those customers.
  • To make those new customers "regulars," and have them think about your place the next time they're going out, not just for "Team Trivia" or "Full House Hold 'Em" night.

Team Trivia is a live hosted trivia game played by teams. It is used by the hospitality industry (Restaurants, Taverns, Bars, etc...) to boost business. It is also used by corporations at meetings, retreats, seminars, etc. as a fun and effective team oriented event. Team Trivia was developed in the Atlanta area over 20 years ago, and has steadily grown to over 140 weekly shows (in Metro Atlanta alone). Successful franchises are thriving in Phoenix, Charleston SC, Tampa, Pensacola, Delaware, and Western PA. For more information on franchising contact us by filling out the form on the right.

Full House Hold 'Em is designed around the insanely popular format of no-limit "Texas Hold 'Em" poker. We have fit the game into a format that will not only help you increase attendance, but sales as well.

Simple Strategies for Full House Hold 'Em:

  • Steadily increase the number of participants through active promotion of your night, our free in-house promotional materials, our high traffic website and extensive email campaigns.
  • Fit the game into a reasonable time frame to encourage players to make this a regular weeknight tradition.
  • Increase your per head average by giving players incentive to come in early so they have time to eat and drink.

Our dependability comes not only from the quality of the people who put on "Team Trivia" and "Full House Hold 'Em," but from the support they receive from our entire staff. The success of these promotions does not lie solely on the shoulders of one person. Should a replacement be necessary (vacations, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances), rest assured your show will go on without interruption. Simply, you are not trusting your business to a friend of a friend of a friend with a microphone and a box of trivia cards, or a second cousin with a tablecloth, a deck of cards, and a few poker chips.

Our cost effectiveness comes not only from our price, but from the promotional support you receive at no additional cost. Your venue will be featured on our high traffic website. We will provide you with banners and posters for in-house advertising. Your show details will also be featured on the score sheets that go out to all the shows in your area and metro Atlanta for both Team Trivia and Full House Hold 'Em. These sheets are seen by more than 10,000 players each week. We e-mail blast over 10,000 addresses monthly with new show updates, as well as our weekly schedule, and can coordinate special promos to get shows off to a quick and profitable start.

THE LEAGUES are a relatively new addition to Atlanta and select franchise areas. The TEAM TRIVIA LEAGUE and the FULL HOUSE HOLD 'EM LEAGUE have greatly increased weekly attendance at all participating venues. The leagues add an extra dimension of competition and of course the promise of a big payoff for league champions.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like any more information. Our best sales tool is our list of clients who are about as likely to throw money at a bad idea as you are. Please visit our websites: TEAM TRIVIA and FULL HOUSE HOLD 'EM.

Thanks again for taking the time from your busy schedule to consider adding us to your team.

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