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You're looking for a powerful team related event. You're seeking a way to foster group dynamics. You're aiming for a fun and exciting activity to enhance socialization and participation during your next retreat, seminar, or any corporate event. Your answer is Team Trivia.

What is Team Trivia?
Team Trivia is just that: a structured trivia competition played with teams. A success for more than 20 years, it's regularly played at more than 200 food and drink establishments in Atlanta and many more in Chicago, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Milwaukee, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Delaware, Charleston, Pensacola, Western Pennsylvania, and Tampa/St. Pete areas by over 20,000 people a week. We receive many of our corporate referrals from employees who have become regulars at Team Trivia.
Our corporate clients include:
  • The Home Depot
  • Checkfree Corporation
  • Deloitte
  • The Atlanta Braves
  • Alston and Bird LLP
  • BellSouth
  • Delta Airlines
  • Randstad
  • J. Walter Thomson
  • The Atlanta Thrashers
  • World Travel Partners
What can you expect from Team Trivia?

Team Trivia can be played anywhere, anytime, by anyone -- regardless of physical abilities, gender, ethnicity, or status within the company. Moreover, the game can be customized for specific age groups and tastes, can be prepared to amplify specific themes, and tailored to fit your needs.

What does Team Trivia provide?
  • A solid team building exercise. Teams collaborate and come up with answers to trivia questions. They also must work together to come up with the best strategy regarding the distribution of point values.
  • An activity which fosters camaraderie and spirit. It's entertaining and fun.
How can I put on Team Trivia?

Simple:  Just contact us. We handle everything:

  • Questions for the Game
  • Supplies: Paper & Writing Utensils
  • P.A. Equipment
  • Fun Trivia Host
Call us directly toll free 1-866-497-4041.


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